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cryptonoobI am Jay. Age 45+. English non-native. Lost revenue during Covid-19, and discovered the crazy crypto world a bit too late. So I am a noob in crypto. Had fun with the first crypto coins that I earned online. And I thought maybe it'd be fun describing my experiences while earning free crypto in a blog. And maybe some guides could be useful for all other crypto newbies out there. So this is what cryptoN00b.me is about.
Have fun, please feel free to post comments helping me to correct bad grammar, spelling, wordings, and the actual content. 

I've started working on content that I had categorized as phase "/1 EARN FREE CRYPTO". It's fun at the beginning. But you realize it's just a time-eater and doesn't really generate profit. So I am working on phase "/2 EARN MORE CRYPTO". And if you think some of stuff could be also beneficial to you, why don't you consider supporting me with donations (apart from the fact that the site is full of referral links).

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