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There are tons of wallets for your crypto out there. And some of the wallets offer you to earn free crypto that you even can claim daily! All free stuff...

cryptoN00b is quite happy with Atomic Wallet and Trust Wallet. Both featuring multi-currencies and in-app staking for select crypto. Trust provides a gateway for DApps and Atomic Wallet is just cool as it allows you to stake more coins and offers you the highest yearly yield for Cosmos $ATOM at 10%. 

So why checking out other multi wallets. cryptoN00b was experimenting with airdrops, sweepstakes where downloading a wallet was part of the deal, and ... why not? As long as you first check it out, risk-free, it's good for a try and earn a bit of crypto for free (you won't get rich), check it out:

By clicking on the "Visit external site" button you understand that you will be visiting a website that has no relation to cryptoN00b and cryptoN00b.me does not take any responsibility for the stuff you are doing on the external site. You are visiting the external site at your own risk. In some cases the link contains a referral code, which means that you are being referred by cryptoN00b and in an ideal world cryptoN00b would earn a very little reward for having referred you. It doesn't hurt, so thank you for using the referral link if you decided to register at the external site.

Monarch Wallet

The wallet is a product of Monarch Blockchain Corportion, a US-based company. The wallet doesn't come up with a huge list of supported currencies, the main ones BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, NEO, GAS, DGB, GO. But it does support ERC20 tokens and interestingly SLP tokens, and it does have a pretty... colorful UI. You can also earn passive income with some coins, and in order to do this, you'd have to complete KYC. 
But the reason why cryptoN00b puts it in this article: at the time of writing they have a huge giveaway: $50k HEX. All you have to do is download the wallet to your phone and click on that claim button. So don't wait, if you're interested in grabbing free HEX - this is a one-time gig:


Download wallet for Android or iOS: 


AToken Wallet

AToken Wallet is a product of a China-based company. And assumingly, in their attempt to attract more international users, they incentivize daily app usage with free USDT that you can claim every day. If you miss one day of claiming, you're claim rewards fall to bottom. If you manage to claim even 100 consecutive days, "you will get 10 USDT".
But apart from this daily claims, the custodial wallet features multi-currencies and pushes for ATOM staking along with Defi and DApps. cryptoN00b haven't checked yet, if there are any catches (min. withdrawal, etc.) - so do your own research and then check it out:


Download wallet for Android or iOS: 


ThunderCore Hub

The ThunderCore Hub wallet features support for only Thunder Tokens (TT) and USDT. Thunder Tokens are native tokens of the ThunderCore blockchain. The wallet offers ThunderCore-related DApps, such as a couple of neat games, betting, swap exchange TT - USDT, staking and access to "SuperNode Staking". 
Now the wallet comes with ZERO value, but we can change that: head over to cryptoN00b's faucet list and claim 1 TT. But before claiming on the ThunderCore faucet, setup the wallet and get your TT address. Not only will you receive 1 TT for free, you might be eligible to receive more TT as a first user. 
Afterwards, open the DApp "TT mining" in the app and start staking and claim multiple times a day. At some point of the day you will receive 1 TT as a "staking reward". 


Download wallet for Android or iOS: 

StormGain: Cryptocurrency Trading App

StormGain is a crypto exchange offering their services on an app as well. To get some more users like cryptoN00b they introduced the "Bitcoin Cloud Miner" reward. According to the description, mining rewards from StormGain's cloud miner will be distributed among those users who participate. You'd have to tap on the "activate" button every 4 hours and you can withdraw if you have reached at least the equivalent of at least 10 USDT in BTC. 

The catch: you can't withdraw the reward, but you can trade them and the trading profits out of the mining rewards belong to you. So... cryptoN00b's giving a try and can't wait to start trading... risk-free at 10 USDT:


Download wallet for Android or iOS: 


Trust Wallet

As mentioned before, Trust Wallet is one of cryptoN00b's favorite multi-asset wallets. You can earn by referring friends. 5 people. And that would give you 500 TWT (Trust Wallet Tokens) in rewards. IF... they are real and probably that's subject of sophisticated validation. And what can you do with TWT? Not much as it seems for now. Value is low, and a few exchange where you could trade them. But... Trust Wallet is a cool wallet, many coins, DApps, staking and much more:


Download wallet for Android or iOS: 

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