Noob's Guide: Staking on with free Rapids


Rapids (RPD) gains momentum. The community is very active in getting the word out. Because of its higher-than-average staking and masternode rewards it enjoys growing popularity. Time for cryptoN00b to check it out, earn some free Rapids and start staking on

Rapids is a social blockchain project. Integration into social media is core and they are extending their social media activities, also by incentivizing via Rapids tip bots. And that's how cryptoN00b earned his major share of free Rapids: tip bot in Telegram. 

What's the hype about Rapids? Rapids is not mined, but "with its staking and masternodes, Rapids Network offers an attractive opportunity to generate a passive income." Well, and check this out on, the income opportunities look not bad at all! At least... at the time of writing.

Before we throw all our fiat money into Rapids, let's give it a try with free Rapids first and then stake it on the Rapids Masternode hosting platform

You need a Rapids Wallet and as we will be not simply holding the Rapids in a wallet, we are going to stake them almost directly. (It might be easier in the future, as they are working on a Rapids Wallet app with staking features). So we are going to use the deposit wallet on

  • Sign up for a free account on
  • Go to "Wallet" -> "Deposit"
  • Create a wallet for RPD, by generating an address
  • Once this is done, you might want to come back here later and copy the RPD wallet address

If you don't have Telegram, you should install it right away. Afterward:

  • In Telegram join the Rapids Tipbot - find a "getting-started guide" for the Tipbot right here.
  • "Start" the TipBot. This is the place where you can see balance and withdraw your Rapids. You can interact with the bots in Telegram. To see the available commands type /help.  
  • Now go back to and copy the deposit address that you generated earlier. In the Rapids TipBot type:
    /myaddress <>
  • Then join the Rapids Official Tipbot.  This is a moderated channel and this is where you earn your free Rapids, by simply chatting. The good folks from the Rapids community "rain" Rapids to active members in the chat and if you stay a longer period on this channel and write nice stuff, you will collect a neat amount of Rapids! Just check out their promos too. You also don't want to miss out the Friday rain parties!
  • Do the same thing and join the channel Havens Nook. And again, don't write bullshit or beg for coins, and you will be collecting some nice rewards.

If you think you collected enough to test staking (2-5k Rapids will do):

  • Go back to the Rapids TipBot, check balance and withdraw by typing:
    /withdraw <> <amount>

And boom! Your free Rapids should be on and ready for staking.


Staking gives rewards, that's what we do with our little experiment:

  • Visit again and check "Wallet" if the Rapids have been received
  • Go to "Smart Pools" and hit the "Pool Deposit" button. Deposit all your Rapids to the pool. The great thing: no minimum amount for staking required.
  • DONE! Check back day or two days later and see the magic happen. Check your "Wallet" and your stake rewards are automatically added!
  • Now that you've seen the rewards, go back to "Smart Pools" and enable the "Reinvest" feature. Your Rapids better earn more Rapids then just hanging in the wallet.


  • You get free Rapids crypto and it's fun getting them too
  • You have started staking Rapids on a masternode/ staking platform and earn passive income

The rewards for running a Rapids masternode are much higher. If you have interest in getting invested a bit more, buying Rapids with fiat curency is not easy, the other way round too, but the earning yield is undeniably high. Check it out at the official site.

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