cryptoN00b’s Guide to „Earning free crypto“ for noobs / Part #1

You want to earn free crypto? There are tons of opportunities for earning free crypto online. You have to do stuff to earn: solve captchas, click ads, do surveys, install apps, create content, and much more. You can be super busy doing that stuff all day long.

But let’s face it. You won’t get rich. In fact, you will invest a lot of your time just to earn the equivalent of few pennies at the end of the day. It’s pocket money.

On the other hand, you will explore the crypto universe, learn a lot of stuff and eventually identify real income opportunities in crypto without investing anything but your time... and it's so much fun to see your first crypto in your wallet.

Is crypto THE thing of the future? Bitcoin skyrocketed. But for now, crypto is a speculative asset. The majority just hodl. 

But first things first:


Why don't you earn free crypto with something you do all the time: browsing the internet? Download and install Brave Browser. It comes with crypto wallets, but most importantly you will be earning Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) while seeing ads from them. There is no catch. Brave is based on Chromium engine and Chrome users will find Brave quite compatible in terms of user interface, functionalities, etc. You can use most of the Chrome browser extensions. You can save traffic bandwidth with the ad blocker, which decreases page load. And you can tip other content creators with BAT. 

Download now and earn BAT crypto.


And why don't you earn free crypto with something you do almost every day: searching the internet via a search engine? Use Presearch. The search results are slightly but refreshingly different from Google. But then you earn for each search and you can earn rewards. It doesn't mean that you have to replace Google at all. There is more to explore about this super interesting project. Give it a try:

Join Presearch now and earn PRE tokens.

cryptoN00b's guide:

1/ Select your favorite cryptocurrency

Can you believe this: CoinGecko (btw. you should sign up with them and collect candies for daily check-ins)  lists up more than 7,600 crypto coins. And guess what, the majority has no value, no potential, was created under greed and most vanished, just to leave historical fingerprint on CoinGecko’s list. Call them shitcoins, deadcoins and or scamcoins. 

The whole crypto thing had his hype but - sort of - imploded by the end of 2018. By now, Bitcoin still rules and top 100 altcoins have significant market cap, the rest is... meh - except a few crypto pearls that we talk about later.
In short, ignore the thousands of coins for the start, unless you know what you are doing. 

Start stacking Bitcoins. With Bitcoin you can exchange all other altcoins (all coins other than Bitcoin). You simply need Bitcoins (BTC). 

The second important crypto after BTC is Ethereum. It is much needed for transactions of tokens that are based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 tokens). And there are many ERC20 tokens, over 200 and counting.

Then focus on coins with highest market cap on the CoinGecko’s list. But not all of them, just those that are easy to be claimed on the rewards sites: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, DigiByte, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin. Eventually, you will dig deeper and you will collect various coins, but let's focus first.

Use your time and learn about crypto basics. But the basics first, this crypto blahblah can give headache, complicated blockchain technology. We'll explore this later in phase 2/.

2/ Get the right wallet

There are tons of wallets that can “store” your crypto coins, but cryptoN00b strongly recommends to start with the official wallets provided by the blockchain devs. Avoid exchange and third-party wallets for the start. Later you will be using a few eventually.

The reasons for not using third party wallets: safety, high transaction fees, high minimum withdrawal fees. If you use third party, even hosted wallets, do your research first. Use only those that are trusted. 

In some cases, you might want to install the core wallets first. Do it now, takes a lot of time until that wallet is fully synched with the network, it downloads the whole blockchain. But then, you get a feel for this cryptocurrency. Maybe do some test transactions, if you had enough coins. You'll see the differences between crypto coins (beware of transaction fees), but use official wallets as found on cryptoN00b's Wallet List or the official sites.

3/ Crypto faucets

Okay, you've done some basic research. You'll go with Bitcoin first. You've got your wallet up and running. Let's claim free crypto, but...
there are probably more than 1,000 faucets online. Faucets reward you with fractions of a crypto coin for solving captchas, basically you watch ads. 

Totally senseless to list them all up. Instead:

  • Check out cryptoN00b’s faucet list first.
  • Create an account with Cointiply and start with solid Bitcoin earning. Reach min. 50k coins in a few days, just as a minimum target.
  • Run the faucet as much as you can on Just try your luck.
  • Create an account with both Express Crypto and FaucetPay. Once you got your wallets and addresses, start claiming. Collect your rewards until you reach minimum withdrawal amounts and withdraw to your wallets.
  • At some point you will be wanting to use Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens. The best way to build up your ETH stash is to complete as many surveys on Idle Empire.
  • Run the other faucets in the list. "Community-operatored faucets" in that list have no value for noobs, ignore it.
  • Fill up your wallets. Be happy.

cryptoN00b's alert:
Almost all faucets are commercially-run operations. The faucet owner receives ad revenue and shares a small portion with you which he pays out in crypto. The most evil form of ad streaming are so-called “shortclicks”: Once started, shortclicks redirect you to many other pages that are cluttered with ads, until it leads you back to the faucet. And some pages may inject malware into your browser, so watch out.

  • Download and install MalwareBytes (free trial)  and you’ll see, that it will block many pages that slip under other the detection of other antivirus software.
  • Start with faucets that are connected to Express Crypto or FaucetPay. On all other faucets, non-connected to Express Crypto or FaucetPay, you'll be grinding on until your hair falls out... if you ever reach a minimum withdrawal amount after many months. There are some exceptions of course, but you'll lose interest quickly.
  • You'll be seeing a lot of crypto ads. Cointiply for example offers a self-managed ad platform. Everyone can run ads. So can the scammers. There is a lot of bullshit scam out there. Don't fall for it. Never ever invest crypto into something because someone promises you "3 BTC in 24 hrs." or "1,000 satoshi just for sign-up" or "Get new Gram token for free". A faucet that has no dozens of ads, no terms, no contact, no company is likely to be scam. "Gram" token from Telegram doesn't exist. Simply don't sign up.


Grinding on faucet is best done with desktop. But you got a mobile phone, right? Put it next to your desktop and claim crypto rewards with apps, you will be watching a lot of video ads. It gives you additional crypto. It's hassle-free earning. 

cryptoN00b's app list covers a few apps that do pay out. The payout rates are rather underwhelming. But who complains, they pay out and you get some coins, right?


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