cryptoN00b’s Guide to „Earning free crypto“ for noobs / Part #2


If you're on the go, use your phone and earn more crypto with tip bots in Telegram and Discord or Twitter. You may earn rewards in moderated tip bot channels, if you stay active, talk nice stuff and no bullshit, and get lucky with the occasional chat "rains" or tipped directly.

Just to clarify:

There are moderated "tip bots", chats where you hang out, have a good talk or play games. Those chats are moderated by admins, who let it "rain" via the bot occasionally, which means you get a little crypto reward, or they can tip you directly. You'll also get up-to-date news, info and promos around the crypto project. 

Don't panic if you get tipped in this chat and don't know what to do to see your crypto rewards. The tips are bound to your chat account and not lost. Follow either the instructions in the chat (mostly pinned on top) to find the tipbot. Interact with DM (direct message) with the bot by typing commands, you would initiate the bot by typing /start. The bot will create access to a wallet, you can check balance and withdraw if you have reached a minimum withdrawal amount. 

For some examples head over to the section "Tip Bots", chat and enjoy your free crypto!

cryptoN00b's alert:
The more active you are in Telegram or Discord crypto chats, the higher the chance that some unknown dude will send you a DM. Why should an unknown dude DM a dude unless you have a sexy profile pic? You got it right. In most cases that dude wants trick you, invite you to something super promissing.
Never give out wallet keys, send crypto or reveal any private info. Don't fall for impersonators that say they are from the official team. Simply don't get scammed. Just close the chat, that saves your time!


Now that you have been busy all day long, grinding on faucets, claiming rewards here and there, you still got time in bed before you sleep, right? Head over to cryptoN00b's list of "Earn crypto with content". Sign up at the content platforms. Read. Watch. And earn free crypto rewards. You'll earn much higher rewards if you are a skillful writer, blogger, content creator or gamer, by creating content. 

A lot of new crypto-powered social platforms popping up.Maybe few will survive. Check it by yourself, plenty to discover. And crypto to earn for great content creators.


That concludes the guide "/1 Earn Free Crypto". You will be busy claiming coins. You will discover new crypto. You will find new crypto projects.  You can't get rich with "phase /1". Crypto is speculative. It's about the future and your bet, if the crypto that you hold will increase in value. Not only is it hard to buy coins with your fiat currency. It's equally hard to exit to fiat. You still can't go to groceries and buy bread with Tezos, Litecoin or ADA. And there is so much crypto bullshit too with all those greedy scumbags behind it.

Be invited to join cryptoN00b into the next phase /2 EARN MORE CRYPTO - which is in the making.

We'll look into various methods of mining crypto. We also do staking and masternode experiments. In crypto universe you can profit from high yields. Passive income with interest rates that are not thinkable in fiat currencies. And we start with staking experiments with free crypto, risk-free. 

Finally, we might enter phase /3 GET FILTHY RICH WITH CRYPTO. It's a possibility. Not really. Let's forget about it first.


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