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Free Bitcoin Cash



That's basically how cryptoN00b earned his first Bitcoin Cash - with the Free Bitcoin Cash app from the developers Bitcoin Aliens who have kind of the same thing running for Litecoin (Free Litecoin). So basically with both apps, earning crypto is easy.
Earning BCH satoshi is very simple: watch videos and then watch videos and then watch videos. And after having watched tons of videos you will be reaching the minimum amount of 10,000 BCH satoshi. That sounds a lot, but that's 0.0001 BCH, which is a bit underwhelming. BUT... who wants to complain, the payout is done automatically on each Tuesday and it's always great to see the wallet filling up with crypto. A lot more can be earned by completing tasks at the offerwalls. Some app tasks are quite challenging, but can earn you a lot more.
Make sure that you save a Bitcoin Cash wallet address and NOT a Bitcoin address. 

The app is currently available for Android only. Be sure also to check out the Free Litecoin app and enjoy your first Litoshi. 

Click below to visit the app store page: 

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