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Publish 0x describes itself as a "crypto powered blogging platform". Among all other crypto platforms this is super easy to get in. cryptoN00b signs up, reads content, decides which post deserves a tip and how much he wants to tip (min. 20%) and keeps his share and boom!... he gets free crypto for reading. 

Publish 0x doesn't feature its own crypto token, nor is it built on a blockchain. They simply reward readers with three cryptocurrencies (BAT, DAI and Loopring LRC) and authors can be tipped by readers. Of course, smartie, there is a limit on how many articles you can tip and receive your reward per day. But the another good thing is, that the platform features mainly crypto-related posts, so cryptoN00b can learn about crypto and earn it at the same time! 

And if you think that you are a creative, skillful writer, apply to become an author, which could give you more rewards. Depending on how good your posts are, you get tipped by readers and they decide if even the major tip share goes to you.

At the time of writing, Publish 0x is at an early stage, so a lot of things might be evolving in the future. 

And here is a downside: cryptoN00b doesn't know how applications for becoming an author are being validated and if posts are being curated at all, but some posts are simply... meh... short in content, news recycling or worse. But there are some solid, interesting posts as well. So, hey, give it a try, nothing to lose here!

cryptoN00b assumes that the rewards are kind of sponsored, rather than fully self-funded. And it is noteworthy that Publish 0x comes from the same team, that runs the Free Litecoin and Free Bitcoin Cash apps, so those guys have gathered quite some experience in the "earn free crypto" business area.

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