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You can tell by the unpretentious design of the websites that those crypto platforms have been out there for a long time. But boy, cryptoN00b loves them: Not only allow those faucets to claim some coins, but they allow the rewarded coins to be auto-staked. That means, you claim a coin, hourly or daily, and via their staking platforms the amount of coins will grow automatically. 

Those faucets are not commercially operated. No ad bombs, offerwalls or catches. Simple claiming in time intervals.

Of course, you can't get rich by that, but it's a good start to play around with some coins that can be staked and finally choose a coin for a higher investment, so that you can earn even more. Risk-free staking experiments. 


By clicking on the "Visit external site" button you understand that you will be visiting a website that has no relation to cryptoN00b and cryptoN00b.me does not take any responsibility for the stuff you are doing on the external site. You are visiting the external site at your own risk. In some cases the link contains a referral code, which means that you are being referred by cryptoN00b and in an ideal world cryptoN00b would earn a very little reward for having referred you. It doesn't hurt, so thank you for using the referral link if you decided to register at the external site.


BTCPop Altcoin faucets

BTCPop is an exchange, investment, loan and staking platform. Must have been out there for years. The faucets must be some kind-of side product that evolved thru their masternode activities probably. But we focus on the faucet / staking feature first: Create an account with BTCPop first. Then click on "Faucets" and choose one of the 60+ coins and start claiming. The catch is: you can claim only one coin and once per 30 mins, and since the claim reward is so small, you'd better focus on one coin for a long period, otherwise you never reach withdrawal amount. Afterward a couple of claims, check how the claim reward grows, by clicking "Staking Stats"... nice! 
Btw, cryptoN00b is currently after PIVX.


Dedicated to staking of Proof-of-stake coins and masternodes, the folks at CoinStake invite you to claim free coins on their faucet. At time of writing there are 16 coins and cryptoN00b is having fun claiming TELOS and watch the claim rewards grow by staking. The minimum withdraw amount is 10.000 TELOS which could be reached in a couple of weeks. Check it out, it's free, cool and rewarding:


Probably one of the few if not only legit WAVES faucet out there. And they offer "staking" via the "Waves Leasing Pool", as well as faucets and exchange for tradable and non-tradable Waves tokens.


More than an exchange for selected coins, but StakeCube is cryptoN00b's favorite platform for staking and masternode services. If you're new to crypto, that should be your next platform to increase your crypto earnings, if you got enough in your stash. The folks at StakeCube offer you to check out how easy it is to stake coins. Just grab some at the faucet and come back after a day or more and see in "Wallets": even fractions of coins earn you interest. Check it out if you haven't already:

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