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"What the hell is this?" was cryptoN00b's first thought when he saw the faucet site FreeBitco.in. Cluttered with text boxes, pop-ups, timers, the page looked uninviting, almost like a scam site. And then those keywords that pop up: "earn, win, lottery, play, bet, ticket, multiply, lucky, rewards" - and that's what this site is about: gamble  BTC and earn more (or loose all eventually). It's BTC betting site.

But cryptoN00b couldn't help. Visited the site every day, even tried to roll the faucet every hour. His BTC account would slowly grow and he tried the MULTIPLIER. 
Let's do the math: 

  • let's assume you roll the faucet 10x a day with an average reward of 18 satoshi = 180 satoshi a day. 
  • You do this a month: 180 satoshi x 30 days = 5400 satoshi.
  • You would need 5 1/2 months to reach the minimum payout of 30,000 satoshi = 0.00030000 BTC - which is rather underwhelming

So at some point you try the multiplier, a HI-LO game: you bet HI or LO with a win chance of 47.50%. You can do a manual bet or an auto bet. And as on many HI-LO games, the auto-bet feature allows you to change various settings and it might at least minimize your risk of loosing too much, if set correctly... but let's face it, you might win sometimes, but at the very end the house wins. 

The strategy for us noobs is to reach min. 30k satoshi. That would even allow for an auto-withdrawal. Then you can try your luck with betting, ticket, lottery and multiplier. And if you look at the leaderboards or lottery entries, some folks are heavily invested in freebitco.in. If you get to the point and trust them, you'll profit from the yearly interest by depositing your BTC to freebitco.in. And the Lambo lottery is no joke. 

cryptoN00b will continue and he will play multiplier from time to time. 

Click below and try your luck 

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