Crypto wallets - an overview: EOS (EOS)



You sure you want to trade with EOS? cryptoN00b is not a fan of the EOS blockchain concept. What is this "you need CPU, RAM, NET" thing made for? Total newbie-unfriendly. Anyway, if you need EOS, you need to create an EOS account first. And account creation costs you, either you pay in fiat or you go via an exchange. There are some online guides and here is a good read at Hackernoon that explains the basics. 

There are EOS wallets that guide you through account creation, but one is noteworthy: cryptoN00b has managed to create an EOS account for free. The app wallet Wombat covers the costs for the account creation and it offers a lot more:

  • directory and access to EOS games and Dapps
  • multi-token wallet
  • Newdex exchange
  • and also cool: a free Telos account (which is as newbie-unfriendly to get as EOS)

Not sure about the games, can't even tell if you can call those "games" - but some of the apps earn you little EOS, the first free EOS that cryptoN00b has earned.

Once you have created your EOS account, you might want to check and manage it on EOS Authority

Download Wombat and enter "7MWMX9" to receive a handful of free transactions:

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