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Your crypto journey should start here: Cointiply, a Bitcoin rewards offering you a plethora of earning opportunities. Roll the faucet, like literally every hour. Watch ads. But the most rewarding activity is doing surveys. And if you do this daily basis, you'll earn solid coins. 

  • You'll also have passive income, if you reach 35k (check the earnings box in your account settings). That'll give you weekly earning rewards, so don't withdraw all, leave min. 35k coins. 
  • If you have reached 6-10k coins on a day, send a message in chat. That'll give you additional coins from the rain pool and it makes only sense that you've got that many coins to increase your share.
  • Keep your loyalty bonus up. Roll the faucet every day, don't miss out. Cointiply has got an app, so check in daily.
  • Don't convert and withdraw Dogecoin, earn Bitcoin

Among all other Bitcoin reward platforms and faucets, Cointiply turns out to be the most hassle-free, solid, trustworthy platform. Offerwalls and survey walls are plenty on other sites and apps, but you get your rewards instantly, no waiting, not that many issues, just plain earning. They might not have the highest payout rates, but hey, for being a liable "get paid for..."-site, cryptoN00b prefers Cointiply over others.

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