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This is the real deal. Below you find a wild list of community-operated and official crypto faucets. Some of those are not widely known. These faucets are mainly supported by donations and surely not meant to make you rich. The communities of each crypto project are engaged people and offer you an opportunity to test the wallet with free coins and invite you to learn more about the project.

Remember, most faucets are depending on donations. Don't abuse them. Use it for testing. Do your research. 

Also claim your first coins with the official faucets:

By clicking on the "Visit external site" button you understand that you will be visiting a website that has no relation to cryptoN00b and cryptoN00b.me does not take any responsibility for the stuff you are doing on the external site. You are visiting the external site at your own risk. In some cases the link contains a referral code, which means that you are being referred by cryptoN00b and in an ideal world cryptoN00b would earn a very little reward for having referred you. It doesn't hurt, so thank you for using the referral link if you decided to register at the external site.

AUG 2020 Updates:
Some faucets might be depleted, but let's leave them in the list, maybe they work for you: Tezos, Nimiq, Syscoin, Atom, Nano.

Altbet (ABET)

ABET is the coin that fuels the crypto betting platform Altbet.io: Poker, Dice, Roulette and more. You can claim some ABET, but you have to wager them 100 times "to the available funds before the funds can be withdrawn". In other words, it's not really easy to claim it, but there are numerous options to earn more ABET such as being active on their Discord server and more. But real deal are the staking and masternode rewards, both allowing for a nice passive income. 
UPDATE: Be advised, even if you had unlocked your ABET by wagering x100, you can not withdraw to an external wallet unless you had deposited minimum 500 ABET on that wallet. And this info hasn't been given anywhere on the website. Check it out for fun, but for fun only:


Get your first BANANO at the official faucet. The cryptocurrency has been forked from the NANO blockchain: transactions are lightning fast and feeless. It's supposed to be a fun "meme" coin. cryptoN00b's preferred wallet for BANANO is the KALIUM wallet (download here). There are plenty of other ways to earn BANANO as listed on the official site. Explore the website (link above). You can earn BANANO in other ways, like doing a subsidized form of "webmining", and there is a lot going on in Discord and Telegram where you can get tipped with more BAN. Find out more:

Beam (BEAM)

Learn about BEAM at the official site,  and download the Beam wallet to test your first transaction with free BEAM from the official Beam community faucet site. You also find all info needed to start mining ASIC-resistant BEAM - so check it out at:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Never worked for me, but you try?

Cosmos (ATOM)

Yes, Cosmos ATOM which is loved by its community for its staking rewards offers free, but small amounts of ATOMs through its official faucet. 
It's a bit more complicated to claim and of course you need an ATOM wallet. It's not much that you can receive, but worth for a small experiment with staking ATOM. Read the article to find out more about claiming free ATOM and start staking right away:

FriendsFingers Faucet

FriendsFingers invites you to earn free tokens every day. But you need to join DAO, which takes a bit of Gas fee. 
You can claim ECR20 tokens, either: Shaka (HAK), GastroAdvisorToken (FORK), TradeX Token (TXH),Moyom (MYM)

Global Hive (ZCASH)

Global Hive provides "crypto faucet technology" and the faucet drips Zcash every 24 hrs. The faucet had been sending Tezos before, but Global Hive changed it to Zcash. The cool thing is: all claim rewards are being sent directly to your Zcash wallet. You need to be active, add everything to increase your bonuses and you earn Zcash for free. A list of Zcash wallets can be found here.

Horizen (ZEN)

At the official Horizen faucet you can claim every 20 hours and increase the claim rewards by linking your social accounts, refer as many folks as you know, hodl and more. If you are new to ZEN, you need a wallet. And you need to download and install the official SPHERE wallet. Don't try the light versions, you need to verify your wallet with the faucet site and that is possible by signing it with SPHERE. Here is the link to the official site.
The faucet site features an interesting reward alternative which actually sounds tempting and wants to find out more about ZEN: Hodl ZEN and you can earn a max. 3 times bonus multiplier and you can buy directly ZEN on this site via the integrated changelly trade interface. So this is what the faucet is about: testing the wallet and learning more about the ZEN cryptocurrency.

Martkist (MARTK)

Want some free $MARTK? Collect a few MARTK via Martkist's official faucet. Use your Twitter login. And the cool thing is: you can withdraw instantly. Download the Martkist Wallet to receive the coins directly or use the desktop QT wallets. Find out more about the PoW coin that can be sha256 mined and has got limited supply and more interesting features at the official site. Claim your first MARTK right away: 

Myriad (XMY)

Find out more about the blockchain project Myriad at the official site. If you want to dig deeper into the project, download and install the wallet, and then head over to the faucet which drips a small fractions of XMY once a day. And if you like what you see, you could invest into ASIC (CPU and GPU) mining. 

Nano (NANO)

Fast, faster, NANO. And zero transaction fees. This is what the NANO community wants you to experience by offering free NANO on a couple of community-run faucets. If you are new to NANO, download and install a NANO wallet first and cryptoN00b highly recommends to start with the NATRIUM wallet - which can be downloaded for Android and iOS here. Once you got your wallet up and running, copy your NANO wallet address and claim your first NANO - but do one thing: watch the time between claiming and receiving NANO in your wallet: lightning fast! The community faucets allow you to test with small amounts of NANO, you could earn more on the Playnano site:

Click below to visit getnano: 

Click below to visit nano-faucet: 

Click below to visit freenanofaucet: 

Click below to visit playnano: 


Within a few minutes create an account with Nimiq and claim your first NIM right away. Sign up with Nimiq and receive more NIM each day on the official faucet which can reach with one tap below. Nimiq is a blockchain project with a browser-first feature. Explore the official site, start even mining in your browser. Nimiq strives to be easy-to-use, accessible and social:

PipeFlare (ZEC, PIVX)

Using GlobalHive's faucet platform, this faucet gives away free Zcash (ZEC) and PIVX - which is pretty cool. You can claim every 20 hrs. The claim rewards will be sent directly to your wallets! Raise the claim bonus by adding your social media links, using Brave Browser and refer as many as you can. What are you waiting for? Free direct claiming without any catches - this is pure gold:

Rapids (RPD)

Beloved by a its community for its staking and masternode opportunities, Rapids enjoys growing support at the time of writing. The Rapids community Coinbelay offers free Rapids through a faucet and a tipbot on Telegram. You can earn much more free Rapids by engaging in the Telegram Tip Bot groups (see "Tip Bot" section). You better check regularly for Twitter and Telegram events to get much more Rapids:

Tezos (XTZ)

The Tezos Foundation invites you to claim some free Tezos tokens (tez) with real-market value on their official faucet. But guess what smartie, you won't get rich with this. It drips once a week for you. It is meant to incentivize you to install and test the Tezos wallet, and eventually to find out more about the Tezos cryptocurrency. So download, install and start synching your official Tezos wallet Galleon with the mainnet. Claim your first Tezos by entering your freshly generated wallet address AND your mobile phone number and if your Galleon wallet is fully synched, you'll see your first transaction. 

Thunder Token (TT)

For testing purpose you can receive Thunder Token. Should work with MetaMask or Trust Wallet. It seems that you can claim only once 1 TT with one account.
Check out more info about Thunder Token and the project at the official site. You might also get a reward token in the wallet app ThunderCore Hub. 


Find out more about the "reward coin" TRBO at the official site.  At the time of writing the link to GitHub for the wallet was not correct,so if you consider testing TRBO, download the Windows 64 BitTRBO Wallet V1.2 here.
UPDATE: The community faucets have been closed and migrated to TRBO's new social reward platform Moments.markets, a place where you can earn much more TRBO in short time by completing tasks. You can also grind on the faucets there and receive more free coins: TRBO, CRAVE, Bean Cash and StakeCube Coin (SCC) - which is awesome for all who work on StakeCub - and POS.

Trybal.network (TRY)

At time of writing this text trybal.network has started recently. This blockchain is based on the Stellar Consensus Protocol and as such it can't be mined in a traditional way but is depending on many users who just validate their participation with one click. So, you can claim free TRY every 24 hrs, whereas the token is a reward. All coins based on Stellar can be stored in a wallet, but you need a minimum amount of Stellar Lumens XLM in your wallet prior to wallet activation. Although TRY can be claimed right away, you will receive the full balance once you send a min. of 1.51 XLM to your new public address of your TRY wallet. Sign up now, claim and receive a 250 TRY welcome bonus right away:

Syscoin (SYS)

A different kind of proof-of-work inspired faucet allows you to test transaction with free SYS. Draining the faucet is prevented by an algo that also takes your IP address into calculation. You need to install the official QT wallet and find out more about the Syscoin blockchain at the official site.  


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