Earn free crypto with faucets

Express Crypto
Express Crypto - not a faucet, but your gateway to 2k+ faucets

Crypto rewards

- Bitcoin (BTC)
- Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
- Bytecoin (BCN)
- Cardano (ADA)
- Dash (DASH)
- DigiByte (DGB)
- Dogecoin (DOGE)
- Ethereum (ETH)
- Ethereum Classic (ETC)
- Lisk (LSK)
- Litecoin (LTC)
- Monero (XMR)
- Neo (NEO)
- Peercoin (PPC)
- Potcoin (POT)
- Reddcoin (RDD)
- Ripple (XRP)
- Stratis (STRAT)
- Tezos (XTZ)
- Tron (TRON)
- Waves (WAVES)
- Zcash (ZEC)


Express Crypto is not a faucet, but a micropayment wallet platform and your gateway to 1k+ faucets. This should basically your start, if you are ready to grind on faucets and claim crypto.

So how does it work?

Sign up. On main dashboard: at the upper right area below your username, you see "Your Unique ID". Copy this. Click on "List of Sites". Choose your favorite crypto you want to collect. Click on a faucet of your choice. Paste your Unique ID and execute the stuff that the faucets wants from you, like solving captchas, clicking thru "shortlinks" or whatever they ask you to click. On some faucet sites you will be receiving your crypto rewards directly to your Express Crypto account, other sites will store the rewards until you reach a minimum withdrawal amount. In either case, your coins go directly to Express Crypto, which you can see on the dashboard. 

Once the bar below a crypto in the dashboard gets green, you can withdraw from Express Crypto to your wallet.

Don't grind on all crypto faucets, choose your favorite one and make sure that you had entered your wallet address way before you reach withdrawal amount.

Express Crypto offers more earning opportunities thru their own offerwall. You can win some coins or lose all your earnings while playing Bingo, Dice and Lottery. 

From time to time the chat bot gives away some free coins (rain chat) and you can get some good advises from the folks in the chat. There are a lot of faucet owners too who promote their sites in the chat. 

Click below to visit the faucet site: 

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