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At some point in your crypto career you will be using a crypto exchange to buy a specific coin that you need. Or you will be trading on one of the 350+ exchanges, if you had acquired basic knowledge. And if you're new, try this out: a free trading game where you also can win crypto, but trade risk-free and learn. Head over to Cryptoleagues.io!

A few of the exchanges allow you to get some crypto for free. You can claim some never-heard-of coins at the faucets. Don't expect to get rich. Those are small amounts of crypto. But have fun collecting coins:


By clicking on the "Visit external site" button you understand that you will be visiting a website that has no relation to cryptoN00b and cryptoN00b.me does not take any responsibility for the stuff you are doing on the external site. You are visiting the external site at your own risk. 
In some cases the link contains a referral code, which means that you are being referred by cryptoN00b and in an ideal world cryptoN00b would earn a very little reward for having referred you. It doesn't hurt, so thank you for using the referral link if you decided to register at the external site.



Atomars is a relatively new exchange featuring pair trading for over 100 cryptocurrencies. The exchange allows you to get some crypto for free on the "Free Coins" faucet. Once you posted a link on one of your social media you are free to claim some TRON, DOGE or BAN and more on the faucet. Check it out at:


Catex is a mining trading exchange featuring pair trading on quite a big list of crypto that cryptoN00b has never heard of. The more you trade, the more CATT tokens you receive which is sort of a kickback program for the trading fees. Catex also provides more passive income opportunities and staking for select crypto. Just recently Catex allows you to claim free BTC, USDT, ETH, BTT, PAX and more on their faucet. So head over and start claiming now:

Crex 24

Crex 24 is a crypto exchange offering you to trade mainly small cap cryptocurrencies. You can claim some funky coins on their faucet. What you do after with those is... a big question. So grab those coins if you know what you're doing, especially as Crex 24 requires you to complete quite a nasty KYC procedure. Check it out at:


Graviex is a crypto exchange focussing on small cap coins. Users can create a faucet on Graviex and donate for whatever reason. You can claim a lot of funky crypto coins. The minimum withdrawal amounts for the coins are reasonably low. Once reached, you can withdraw to your wallets with a breeze. So if you're after certain coins, especially because they're offering high staking and masternode rewards, check it out at:


NoleX is a crypto exchange that has specialized on TRON tokens. Not only you can buy and sell tokens, you can claim some free TRON and TRON TRC20 tokens at NoleX. The timer allows you to claim free tokens in 1-3 hours. Before grinding on NoleX' faucet, you need to have a TRON address and the chrome extension TRONLINK installed, that's the only way to sign up with NoleX. Claim your free TRC20 tokens:


SouthXChange is a crypto exchange based in South America. The exchange has got a faucet with a few crypto coins that we never heard of. Maybe that changes? Check it out by yourselves:


More than an exchange for selected coins, but StakeCube is cryptoN00b's favorite platform for staking and masternode services. If you're new to crypto, that should be your next platform to increase your crypto earnings, if you got enough in your stash. The folks at StakeCube offer you to check out how easy it is to stake coins. Just grab some at the faucet and watch: even fractions of coins earn you interest. Check it out if you haven't already:

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