Tip Bots, Click Bots, Rain and more...

What are bots? Bots are third-party apps built on either Telegram or Discord or Twitter APIs. You interact with the bot by using commands.

Don't get confused. There are moderated "tip bots". You can get tipped by an admin for saying something nice, get tagged by the bot for the next "rain", if you send a message in the chat once. The coins will be bound to your account, so don't panic if you got tipped and don't know what to do to get to your coins. You can check your coins even later. Even if you started the actual tip bot later. Once you started the bot creates a wallet. You can check balances and withdraw if you meet minimum amounts.

How to earn?

Get knowledge of a tipbot or get invited. Then simply join the channel. Those channels are moderated. Say something nice, stay active, look out for promos. And the "admins" of the channel might tip you or will "rain" crypto in the channel. Most of those chat are fun to hang out, people behave, and if you're checking in regularly, you might earn way more crypto than fauceting or else. 
Especially young crypto projects with a social and community focus tend to operate very active channels with great earning opportunities for us noobs.

How to withdraw?

Usually you'll find the info on how to access the tip bot in the moderated channel. It's preferred that you DM the bot directly. Click on the / symbol at bottom. Mostly typing /help will show more commands. If lost, ask nicely. 

You start the tip bot (often with /start in Telegram) and it will show you a list of commands. The command parameters for tip bots might be different. For example you can check the crypto balance with:

So just look out for the info and find below a list of active bots and channels where you can.

Click Bots

There is more to earn: moderated Click Bots where you usually type "claim" or "grab", especially the channels for SLP tokens. 
Furthermore there are Click Bots where you have to complete tasks, like viewing sites, channels, etc and you earn free crypto too. 

Lots of stuff... check out some channels right away:


telegramTelegram Tip Bots



A relaxed channel with friendly admins who give away crypto for completing mostly Twitter tasks. As far as he remembers, cryptoN00b got ERC20 tokens and Dogecoin.


and to check balances or withdraw DM (direct message) the bot @parjar_bot. This bot manages a huge list of other ERC tokens for you, incl. USDC and USDT. If you don't find it, look up "parjar" in Telegram search and start the bot.



Electra Coin gains momentum. In the Electra Hang-out and Tipbot you can be sure to receive free ECA, if you are actively involved in chatting. Awesome rain parties sometimes, friendly communities and free ECA. Download the core wallet first and stake your ECA:

Electra Hang-Out and Tipbot https://t.me/ecatipbotgroup

and to check balances or withdraw DM (direct message) the bot @ecatipbot. You can type eca;bal to check balances. Otherwise type /help to find a list of commands.



Great hang-out, friendly and very active community around Rapids (RPD). Occasional "rain" and hefty rain parties sometimes. awesome opportunity to get your first free Rapids on both channels:
Rapids Official Tipbot - https://t.me/RapidsTipbot

Havens Nook - https://t.me/HavensNook

and to check your balance and withdraw, read the pinned message with instructions. You'd better check the bot in private @rapids_tipbot 
And type /bal for balance or /help for a list of commands. You need a RPD wallet for withdrawal of course.

telegramDISCORD Tip Bots


Forked from NANO the BANANO team invites all the young crypto enthusiast to its "meme coin". Join #the-jungle channel, have some friendly talk and get tipped with BANANO. There is a detailed guide how to access the Discord channel. Check it out:

BANANO Discord Getting Started Guide



If you're in crypto, you shouldn't miss the Energi Rain channel on Discord. Great fun, and great NRG rains! Watch out for promos, tasks and rain parties. Download the core Energi wallet to be prepared. Click on the link below that gives you all instructions needed to join the channel and earn free NRG!

Official Energi Rain Channel
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